Elizabeth’s musical journey has been a winding one. Then again, she’d be the first to tell you that nothing in her life has taken a direct route. A self-proclaimed restless soul, Elizabeth has worn many hats in the creative and professional worlds, from actor–of both the dramatic and comedic varieties, educator, curriculum designer, events producer, writer, editor, speaker, social justice advocate, and environmental activist (often many of these at once). That restlessness prompted much road (and air) tripping over the years as well. Ever in search of that one ‘right’ spot to set down roots, Elizabeth has made stops of varying lengths in Great Barrington, MA, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Brooklyn, Paris, Portland, OR, up and down Manhattan many times over (the longest stint by far), landing finally in a smallish town outside NYC to raise her young son.

Throughout her many travels and enterprises though, two things have prevailed–the need for creative expression, and the need to direct that expression toward positive social change. To satisfy those dual needs, she has produced and performed at countless benefits, environmental and social action events, sung for hospitalized children, at nursing homes, facilitated arts programs for at-risk youth, developmentally delayed adults, religious schools, Kids for Peace, and written songs for many advocacy organizations and causes. Elizabeth also enjoyed performing at esteemed venues throughout NYC and Massachusetts like The Bitter End, The Living Room, The Lion’s Den, Club Helsinki, The Guthrie Center and the Dreamaway Lodge, to name a few.

After a too long break from singing (ten years to be exact), Elizabeth finally returned to her first love (music of course), saying “I’ve missed music like a limb…the lack of it like a big gaping hole in my heart that refused to be filled by anything else”. So she started an open mic at a local eatery, did her first official gig opening for the inimitable Joe Crookston, joined dear friend and Hope Sings founder Beth Blatt to start the benefit concert series Songs for a Cause, and continues to perform regularly around New York and Connecticut at venues like the New Fairfield Coffeehouse, The Fez, Chappaqua Station, Sunraven, Katonah Library, and many local farmer’s markets.

On her recently released album, The Weight of Mortal Skin, Elizabeth explores some of her more significant life challenges in songs like Rest Your Cold Dark Night and The Weight of Mortal Skin, while celebrating the mysteries of love in A Cowgirl’s Tale & Like a Dreamer, and the magic of motherhood in Fated To Be Mine. And though she ventures fearlessly into dark emotional territory with stories of domestic violence in Lorna, homophobia in Rise Up Singing, and child abuse in Blood Red Love, she does so with an eye toward hope, every song ending with the possibility of redemption, every character, assured of something better down the road.

Check out some of the awesome organizations Elizabeth works/has worked with and LOVES: Hope Sings, Songs for a Cause, Cherub Improv, Earth Celebrations, Hour Children, Sing for Hope, CATA .